Welcome to "INSIDE OUT”.  This lovely apartment overlooks Grand Anse beach and is your vacation rental which offers a romantic escape to the beautiful Caribbean island of Grenada.  The property is no more than a five minute drive from Grand Anse, shops and restaurants; there are two large supermarkets close by and a large local craft market on the beach. We offer you glorious views, magnificent sunsets and good food so you can relax and enjoy your time on our beautiful island.  Perfect peace and friendship abounds not only here but wherever you are on the island of Grenada. 



The super decking and pool at the apartment offers you everything right outside your front door. There are chairs and tables, sunbeds and recliners with footrests and soft cushions to relax into.

A charming Gazebo to sit in and be shaded from the heat of the sun can also be used for meals and at night it is especially beautiful with myriad lights around the island. Walk into the infinity pool, just perfect for 'liming' or sit on the bench seat at one end with your cocktail or Gin & Tonic. Take a seat on the lovely pool deck where you will have stunning views over the crescent-shaped beach and out over the blue Caribbean Sea.  There is nothing to mar your view of this spectacular stage set.

Relax, Enjoy and allow the beauty and calm of this lovely place to soothe the cares away.

The Apartment and Grenada offer you a magical holiday.

This truly fabulous photograph was taken by a master Italian photographer by the name of Flavio Vallenari who stayed here and kindly allowed us to use his photographs for our website.  Thank you Flavio.

Approved by the Grenada Board of Tourism.

Grenada Tourism Authority

This is self-catering accommodation but at “Inside Out” we pride ourselves on our delicious home cooked meals at very reasonable prices; we use only fresh ingredients; if we cannot find something then we prepare a different dish altogether; we do not sacrifice on flavour.

Our curry meals are well-known.  We serve eight or nine different curries; three meat, three vegetable dishes.  Basmati rice, sides and a pudding form part of this delectable table.

If you decide to eat out there is a wide range of restaurants from local Grenadian to Italian Pizza parlours and Sushi bars and there are many more up-market restaurants for that ‘special occasion’ which you may be celebrating while on vacation. 

Most of the hotels also take reservations for dinner from non-residents. We will help with bookings and info on places to go to.

We have some super seating options. A lovely table for two on the patio which looks directly over the spectacular bay of Grand Anse or at one of the trestle tables on the top lawn with the same view should you have some friends staying on Grenada too who may like to join you for the evening.

Another option is our super verandah where you are more sheltered and have the option of bringing a group of up to ten friends with you. Take your pick, they are all lovely and we have lanterns on the tables at night! Truly wonderful.

Our signature dish is "PRAWN PIRI PIRI", a deliciously spicy dish of our own, based on an East African recipe, served with the very best quality Basmati rice. We follow this with a "PANNA COTTA" pudding with Mango or Passion fruit coulis, one of Ellen's Italian favourites.

"Cookin' Up a Storm" with our fabulous BBQ with its own chimney. A cook-up worthy of any occasion and don't forget the 'Vino Collapso'. The freshest fish served with a delectable sauce or a Rib Eye Steak with a jacket potato; what a life!

The Gazebo on the pool deck is a great spot for a small cosy dinner party.  From here you will see everything across the decking and out to sea.

Alternatively, you can choose to sit on our lovely verandah. We have got you covered for all your preferences.

We will look after you as you would expect a first class restaurant to do! 

A ROMANTIC SETTING ON THE PATIO is is a super spot to be on your own especially in the evening. 

A lantern on the table just adds the right blend of light to the star studded sky and the blue-black sea!

A chilled bottle of wine on the table and the whole evening awaits your pleasure. A fabulous view. It all waits for you.

We run the best big game charter boat on the island - WAYWARD WIND. 


There is a terrific season for Big Game Fishing in Grenada and we are very happy to be able to offer, as an optional extra, our 31ft Bertram fishing boat as well as a first class Skipper and Crew for a super bit of serious fun! 

We fish for Blue and White Marlin, Sailfish, Yellowfin Tuna, King Fish and just about anything else that bites! Prices on request; all tackle, bait, rods and drinks are included.

CHECK OUT ALL THE DETAILS ON : www.grenadafishing.com

Grenada lies not far off the Venezuelan Coast and is roughly 90 miles north of Trinadad and Tobago.

A drive climbing up its west coast will reveal beautiful secret beaches with houses nestling on the edge of the cliffs. The road hugs this coastline and the colour of the sea changes from pearl blue to deep azure.

"The Top Hill Bar" is typical of the many colourful wayside shacks which will serve you some very pleasant cold drinks and just take a look at that lovely Guinness!

Just before you come to the Town of Gouyave you will find one of the Spice Plantations where you can see what our various spices look like in their natural state; the woody long stems of cinnamon which are rubbed off to reveal the inner bark which we use for cooking. The tiny red flowers of the clove bush and hiding behind is one clove!

Very shortly then is the fishing town of Gouyave - aka 'The Town which Never Sleeps'. A must is 'Fish Friday' a fun event with streets lined with stalls selling all types of fish from Lobster, Mahi Mahi, King Fish, and cooked right in front of you.

The East Coast is pretty scenic too but the road is further inland. A little way down you will find the second largest town after St. George's. Grenville is a very busy market town and also has a large fish market.

Further down still is Hermitage home to Belmont Estates and the magnificent Grenada Chocolate.

Grenada is a quiet and peaceful island whose sandy beaches are still as relaxed and natural as they have always been. Sunshine, warm temperature and low humidity make for very comfortable surroundings to your holiday.

The beaches in Grenada are some of the best and cleanest to be found anywhere and you will most likely be on your own on some of them. Grand Anse in the South West of the island is well-known of course with its cappuccino coloured sand and milk-frothy waves which tumble on the ground! But take a look at Morne Rouge - meaning Angry Mountain - and you will fall in love with this little beauty. Sheltered in a "croissant" shape bay the sea is calm and the land slopes away slowly and gradually. The water is very clear and warm and very salty; just lie back and think of Nothing!

There are at present four flights per week from the UK into Grenada. We are 15 minutes by car from the airport and we offer a pick-up/drop-off service free of charge.

Let's Fly Away

  • British Airways on Wednesday and Saturday.
  • Virgin on Monday and Friday.
  • American Airlines fly in every day from New York via Miami or San Juan.


The six small stars symbolise the six Parishes which comprise Grenada. St. George - the Capital - St. John, St. Patrick, St.Andrew, St. David and St. Paul.

Our most famous spice, the NUTMEG, is also proudly displayed. The outer layer of this amazing spice is Mace which we also use - how great is that!


The shops are numerous and range from the fabulous Colombian Jewellery to local hand-crafted designs’ shops. If you can’t find them we are always happy to take you on a shopping spree!

We have several local craftsmen who make some lovely wooden objects such as plates and salad servers and bowls and what makes these beautifully hand-crafted things so extra special is the wood that is used; all of it obtained locally. White Cedar and Blue Mahoo to name a couple.


This wonderful little island makes some of the best chocolate in the World. In other countries you will have to go to specialist shops to buy this type of chocolate - 71%cocoa solids. But not so here, you will find this fabulous dark and rich chocolate everywhere. The velvety smooth texture of this chocolate is addictive and following a meal what could be better than a small glass of Grenadian Rum and a piece of Chocolate Heaven!